Khat (Catha edulis, edible khat)

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Khat (Catha edulis, edible khat) is a very popular, legal recreational drug in Africa and in the Arab world. Catha edulis is a flowering plant

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Buy Khat Online Khat (Catha edulis, edible khat) is a very popular, legal recreational drug in Africa and in the Arab world.
Catha edulis is a flowering plant native to the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Recreational consumption of khat, khat chewing, is a traditional activity dating back thousands of years and is an accepted part of the mainstream culture.

Khat’s effects:

The main active ingredient is cathinone, an amphetamine like stimulant.

It is a stimulant and  a strong mood enhancer (depending on the dosage).

The effects are described as amphetamine like and cocaine like by users (see trip reports at the bottom).

Interesting facts about Khat:

They modeled the active ingredient in bath salts after the active ingredient in khat, cathinone (see below).



Hadar: khat is harvested when the plant is very young. The more mature Khat, which has been left to grow is called hadar. Hadar can also be chewed, it has a different, more bitter taste and it is harder to chew. Younger khat is preferred over hadar.

Arabian tee: tea made from the dried leaves and twigs of khat. It is especially popular in Yemen, where 85% of the population consumes it daily. Sometimes this tee is also called bushman’s tea.

Quat: it’s just a different way of spelling khat, it’s not a different type. Sometimes the spelling “chat” is used as well.


Khat is generally harmless, it is hard to overdose and it has a low addiction potential.

Actually, it is the least harmful and one of the most popular recreational drugs.



Fresh khat leaves and stem tips are generally chewed in large quids for 10-30 minutes.

The juices are held in the mouth and then swallowed, the chewed plant material is spit out.

Khat chewing sessions generally last between 1-6 hours.


The traditional method of chewing khat: 

  • It takes place in a mufrage (sitting room designed specifically for chewing khat, drinking tea and socializing).
  • Have toothpicks ready to clean teeth if necessary, and have a spitting bowl ready (an ashtray won’t be enough).
  • Assume a comfortable reclined position.
  • Each time you spit out the chewed plant material drink a little traditionally prepared black tea to rinse your palate (mind your caffeine intake, khat is a stimulant!)
  • Take your time with it, chewing sessions last for hours.
  • Traditionally khat is never chewed alone, it’s a social occasion.


Khat Dosage:

One traditional bundle of khat wrapped in a banana leaf (banana leaves are used in Africa, on the Arabian peninsula plastic bags are used) is 400 – 500 grams, it’s usually is enough for two people to start feeling mild effects, for strong effects you need more.
During a sessions of khat chewing users typically chew between 100-300 grams of fresh plant material.



Khat is a very effective appetite suppressant and a stimulant. Therefore, moderate consumption of khat can help weight loss efforts.

It is traditionally used to cure depression.


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